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Our premium Blade hybrids come with standard seed treatments along with expert agronomic support that’s just a phone call away.
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Field Trial Spotlight – University of Florida

Spring Forage Sorghum - Percentage of Top Yield

  • Blade Hybrid 100%
  • Trial Average 61%
  • Leading Commercial Hybrid 72%

Summer Forage Sorghum -Percentage of Top Yield

  • Blade Hybrid 100%
  • Trial Average 69%
  • Leading Commercial Hybrid 89%


Sorghum Raised to New Performance Levels.
International seed developer and biotech company, Ceres Inc., is bringing the latest in genetic and breeding technologies to forage sorghum. It’s a natural off-shoot of our energy crop yield and composition research.
We understand good nutrition at the genetic level and we have screened sorghums from around the globe for improved yield, quality and disease resistance. The result: Blade seed products with maximum yield potential.

Our goal is to improve forage sorghum to a point where it can become a major feed crop for livestock, similar to alfalfa and silage corn.

Richard Hamilton

President and CEO, Ceres, Inc.

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